I have been kicking the idea of writing a blog post around for awhile and it has been very heavy on my heart recently. I feel like the past year and a half has been a whirlwind and I want to share with the world everything I have learned.

For those of you who don’t know me personally- I called off an engagement, met the love of my life shortly after and within three months I was pregnant. Six months after that we were married and now I am sitting in my pajamas while my perfect three month old is asleep and my hubby is watching football.

To say I am excited to share with you all of the stories from how my life got flipped upside down in the most beautiful way is an understatement. These last fourteen months I have learned more about life and myself than I have in the previous twenty-four years of my existence.

In all honesty, I always pictured myself as the cool, 30 something aunt who never married and never had children. I am currently sitting on my couch in less than flattering size large sweats from Old Navy and a t-shirt that says “Mama Bear”. I have no make-up on and throw up from Livvy on my shirt but I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing. I have learned that sometimes the plans we have for ourselves aren’t always carried out because He has a bigger and better plan for us.

Growing up I was never really that religious. Don’t get me wrong, I believed in God, went to a Catholic school and frequented church often however, I truly believe it takes something big in your life to slap you in the face and make you see the truth. Jesus has been leading me to this moment my whole life and I can’t wait to share with you all of the little signs he showed me to lead me on this journey. I was always such a skeptic in all things religion until I became pregnant and witnessed first hand the miracle of life.

My goal is to update this blog as frequently as I can. As a new wife and mom with a full time job, I have so much time on my hands (lol) but in all seriousness I want to share my journey into meeting my hubby, motherhood (the good and the bad), and all things bargain hunting. Finding a good deal is my passion and there are so many tricks that I have learned than can help your family save. Love or hate the Duggar family, I love that they live by “buy used, save the difference”. As my parents would probably dispute that I live by this motto, I am proud to say that I try really hard especially now that we are closing on our first home.

Oh yeah, did I mention we are in the process of buying a house?! I will also share the things I have learned in this process like negotiating that the seller’s pay for the closing costs. *Duh, Stephanie* Clearly Eric and I were amateur’s and signed the contract before negotiating this. You win some, you lose some. In our case it will equal to losing a couple thousand dollars but that’s okay because we found the most perfect little house to raise our family in the best location.

Stay tuned for posts on saving money, buying a house, motherhood, being a wife, and cooking (or lack thereof).