I truly believe that all babies are happy by nature and there are underlying causes for why they seem uncomfortable or upset. Please don’t feel like it’s your fault if your baby is unhappy or that you are doing something wrong. Try and take the necessary steps to figure out what the underlying cause is. You will find a groove and figure out what works for your little one. The things that worked for Olivia may not work for you, but if I can help another mom then it would make my heart happy. I’m going to share a few newborn must-haves that made my first twelve weeks with Olivia the best twelve weeks of my life.

First of all, if you don’t have an Amazon Prime account then SIGN UP NOW. Life with a newborn is so busy and to make more time with my family I signed up for Amazon Prime and use Amazon Pantry and do most of my shopping online. It is so convenient and with free shipping it changes the grocery shopping ball game.


#1 Milk Protein Intolerance 

In my case, Olivia had a milk protein allergy. One bloody diaper and a trip to the doctor later, we figured out that Olivia needed to be on hypo-allergenic formula. If you are unaware of the milk protein intolerance in babies then it is worth looking into especially if you have an unhappy newborn. As a first time mom, I could tell something was bothering Livvy but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. As soon as we switched her to hypo-allergenic formula it was like a whole new baby. Now my sweet thing will go up to 48 hours sometimes without fussing and no longer grunts in pain to get her business out. It can cost an arm and a leg but there are a few tricks that make it more affordable. I have attached a link of what I use for Olivia. There are SO many hypoallergenic formulas that can work for your babe. It’s truly a trial and error process. Also, if you are breast feeding (kudos to you) then simply eliminate dairy from your diet and it could take up to a few weeks to notice a change but it could really make all the difference.

#2 Little Remedies Gas Drops

This one doesn’t need explanation. They are a LIFE SAVER. Babies can have such bad gas that causes them so much pain. I would first recommend doing bicycling exercises with their legs to push the gas out but if that isn’t working then gas relief drops are a blessing. I have attached the link to the gas drops I use because they are magical.

#3 Mother’s Bliss Gripe Water

Again, this one doesn’t need much of an explanation because of its name but if your baby is griping and seems uncomfortable then this is a must. It’s not a means to an end but it can definitely help with upset tummies and hiccups, which Liv seems to get ALL of the time. I have attached the link that I use because I buy two at a time and save a little money.

#4 Probiotic Drops

We introduced probiotic drops to Olivia when she was just a few weeks old. My doctor recommended them, and after my own research, and speaking with other mom’s, I knew I had to get some for Livvy. Probiotics are friendly, live bacteria and they maintain a natural balance of organisms in the intestine. Some researchers believe that probiotics can prevent colic, acid reflux, and constipation. We use Gerber Soothe Probiotics and I have been very pleased with the result. If you have used probiotics for your infant and have wonderful results please contact me and let me know! I would love to hear.

#5 Button Down Onesies

This sounds so simple but for sleep purposes use button down onesies. The zipper onesies are great for day time use but at night the zipper can bubble up towards baby’s chin and cause stimulation which can wake them up. This is for if your baby sleeps in a Rock N’ Play which brings me to #6.

Carter’s Baby Girls’ Cotton…

#6 Rock N’ Play

Honestly, the first few weeks of Olivia’s life she slept on me or next to me. I swore I would never co-sleep but then my precious bundle arrived and I couldn’t stand the thought of her being in another room to sleep. We transitioned her to the Rock N’ Play (not the fancy one that rocks and vibrates) and she has been sleeping through the night. I personally don’t recommend the one that rocks and vibrates because babies grow accustomed to sleeping like that and it will make the transition to a crib much more difficult. I keep the Rock N’ Play right next to my side of the bed so I can reach her at all times of the night. The Rock N’ Play is great because it keeps them elevated which allows gas to move through their bodies easier rather than being flat for eight plus hours. Here is the link to the Rock N’ Play that I use.

#7 Noise Machine

This seems obvious but it helps Olivia sleep through the night. I was told to only use the rain setting for babies and I was taught by the baby whisperer herself, Janelle Vano. If babies grow accustomed to rhythmic noises (i.e. heartbeat) then it can wake them up if it gets interrupted or is in the light part of the beat. Babies need constant noise like rain to filter out other sounds which helps keep them asleep.

#8 Janelle Vano

My last tip was if you’re having a difficult time getting baby to sleep then reach out to Janelle Vano. She is AMAZING! I will be honest when I say I was a skeptic but after meeting with her I was so impressed by her information and calming demeanor. She is truly the baby whisperer. She has great tips on her website and if you are really desperate to get your babe sleeping through the night then you can contact her and she really can help you.


I hope some of these tips help you with your newborn. I have thoroughly enjoyed my sweet girl these last twelve weeks and miss being home with her every day. If you have any tips/products that helped you through the newborn stage please contact me. I would love to know! Even if this post only helps one other baby, I believe it is still worth it. Nothing is better than a happy, healthy baby!

*The featured photo on this blog is my daughter. Please don’t use or take the photo without my permission. Thank you!