Recently my friend Julia started monogramming for a hobby. Her hobby soon became a part time job because of high demand. I mean…Who doesn’t love monograms?! Monograms add that “something extra” to an otherwise boring object. I saw some of her work and knew immediately that I had to have her customize a few things. Well maybe more than a few things because I have zero self-control.

Eric and I have been living in a townhouse while on the hunt for our first home and I have been struggling to make it feel like our own home sweet home. These little personalized accents I have added give our home the perfect little touch that I love. A lot of times I steer away from getting anything monogrammed because it’s so damn expensive and we are saving for our new home. Julia won’t break your budget and I can guarantee her products are 100% made with love.

Check out her Instagram page @CraftyValentine and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Here are a few things Julia made for me…Enjoy!