Sometimes I get so inspired to write a blog that I just can’t wait to sit down and pour out some of my thoughts. I’m in my feelings today because as of 10 a.m. my baby is 10 months old and it’s mother’s day weekend. I don’t know why but 10 months seems so grown up that I have literally cried all morning. Usually on her month birthday’s I am so excited to wake up and take her picture and today I just can’t put her down and I was sad when she laid down for her nap. A friend once told me that the days are long but the years are short when you have a baby and that holds so true especially today.

I always love when the universe aligns and sends something your direction that you need. As many of you know I work as an educator for Lululemon and I have never been so in love with a job. So this morning as I’m in my feelings that my baby is growing up our store manager sends a video to all of the working moms from our People & Culture team. I watched the video and tears immediately streamed down my face because it was exactly what I needed this morning.

First of all- life is too short to be anything but happy. People ask me all of the time how I can work retail and Lululemon is so much more. It has changed my life for the better and I love sharing our product because it’s the best #duh but I love our beliefs and purpose. I love sharing who we are and what we do. The video was basically a thank you saying that we see you working and being a mom and we are so thankful for what you do because it’s hard.

Holy shit. I would put Lululemon up against any company in the world on how much they value us as employees. I hate using the word employees because it feels so corporate and I truly see my team as family. As I watched the video I was so inspired by these working moms who are kicking ass and working a full time job but still remembering to send out an appreciation video to all of the other working mom’s in the company. I’m honestly so lucky to work for a company who wants me to be my best in all aspects of life.  My heart is filled with gratitude so it inspired me to write this blog.

If you’re a mom reading this then I want you to know you are loved and appreciated. Whether you are a biological mom or a mother figure to someone- I hope you have the best Mother’s Day weekend. Being a mom is hard. There are days where I struggle and I hope I’m doing the right thing but then I look at Olivia and she smiles and I know all is right in the world. I just hope you know that you are loved and that taking care of little humans is the hardest job in the world. It’s a job that never stops. You don’t get days off or sick days and they always need you but you are their Mama and there is no greater love in the universe.

So enjoy your Mother’s Day weekend and if you ever need to reach out know that I’m always here to listen.

Peace, love, & yoga pants,


PS In my pic I’m wearing our new Enlite Bra because #momboobs and it’s amazing!!!